Monday, January 31, 2011

Horsing Around

 Want to hear about sewing or horse races and food trucks?   Ok, sewing... didn't do much of it this weekend.  I did have 2 of the teens stop by friday night to work on their projects.  One of them is making an organizer and the other is making a dress for her American Girl doll.  They were able to get a big chunk of their projects done and will come back this friday to complete.  Saturday night (after a day at the horse races), I managed to cut out 4 items: Vogue 8676  

 which I'm going to make using a black and a black and gray thinned striped wool knit.    Next is Vogue 8346 in the shorter version

using a black wool and a really nice pucci silk for the lining.  I love having something crazy for a lining.  I predict this coat will take a while as I plan on do a lot of hand sewing and some of the tailoring techniques I learned in HS.  The next item cut is Vogue 1224  from an ITY black and tan/brown border print.  I lengthened it a bit and thought it would look cute with leggings.  

and finally, another pair of jeans using J Stern Jeans pattern which I find to be the best one out there for me.   And the leftover pucci print silk will be used for my pocket linings....  what do I like about this pattern?  the 1 piece curved waistband, the side seams are more towards the front (slimming) and the overall fit is almost perfect straight out of the envelope.

These patterns, along with my busy schedule for the next two months, should keep me busy for a while.

Saturday,  DH, a bunch of friends, and I went to Santa Anita Park, mostly for the food trucks that were going to be there.  We were in the in field and the lines were loooooong for the food, but oh so good.  We had hot dogs, lobsta rolls, grilled cheese, chili flavored ice cream, and fried chicken!  We ended the day in the wine tent. 

yes, it was a beautiful day, clear and sunny

My friend Shirlene and I both won enough to cover our expenses for the day....  I won my first Trifecta... too bad I only bet 2 bucks

My friend Joyce waiting for the fried chicken - she waited over an hour AFTER placing her order... then they ran out.  I don't think any of the trucks were prepared for the crowd as most ran out of food after 2 hours.

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