Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vogue 2886 aka couch coat?

I have been wanting to make a coat/jacket with tapestry fabric for a while.  During the holidays, I saw some fabric at Joann's at 50% off and purchased it. My sister was with me and thought wow... that is really pretty fabric!  I cut it out immediately, and then it sat.  The more I looked at it on my table, the more I thought... really??

But, I hate UFO's so I started working on it.  I got the outside put together w/o the sleeves... and looked at it again and thought... really??   I put the sleeves on...still... really?  At that point I decided I had put too much money and time into it and I needed to finish it.  -- The welt pockets alone were a bear to work with in thick tapestry fabric (what was I thinking... these are my first welt pockets and I probably used the worst fabric).   I got some nice silk  fabric to line it;  I dug through my vintage button stash and found some buttons and finished the jacket.  I was in the mood for some hand sewing, so I put the lining in by hand while watching "My Week with Marilyn". 

I tried it on, and showed my husband who said:  It looks like you're wearing a couch.   I sighed and said, yea, you're probably right.  I showed it to my 10 year old niece and she said she liked it!  (um....).  I emailed a photo of it to my mom, who didn't really say anything  (um..... ) 

Here it is

what do you think?  I still kinda think... with a pair of jeans and a tee?  I like it....  but should I?

Here's the details

Monday, March 19, 2012

THIS is what I am meant to do

I love, love, LOVE teaching, encouraging, enabling  (whatever you want to call it) teens and kids to sew! 
This past weekend me and my fellow enablers volunteered to teach a Teen Sewing Camp at the Glendale Quilt Guild's Quilt Show.  This is a big local Show - although I do believe people fly in from all over to go to this.  We had 17 students.  We prepared kits from donated fabrics and supplies.  These kits were provided to the teens/kids for free.  The Guild charged $20 per person to cover the cost of the venue.  What a deal! 

Their choices were: tote bag (with optional pocket and/or applique); drawstring beach bag; zippered pouch (they love this one.. and there was no zipper fear!); pillowcase (great beginner project); and 9 patch pillow (in keeping with the quilt show theme). The class was from 10-4 with an hour (or so) for lunch.  During lunch, I encouraged the kids to check out the Show, look at the quilts, and visit the vendors, both to give them inspiration and me and my fellow enablers a break!.  My feet were sore at the end of the day, but oh how good I felt to share my love of sewing. 

We were invited back for next year!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still No Sew

I just can't seem to sit my butt down and sew.  I'm not feeling inspired.  Maybe it's the fact that I have so many clothes (mostly all made), and no room for any of it, that I just don't want any more clutter. I need to wear what I got.

Sunday, it was a beautiful day and I went for a hike. I have the Verdugo Hills 0.5 miles from my house.  They are actually about .01 miles from my house - just across the street - but there's a cemented in wash (was a river when I was a kid) that blocks my direct access.  I need to walk around a few blocks and cross over a bridge to get the the fire road.  When I am 0.5 miles up that fire road I feel like I'm 100 miles away.  I am so thankful for the people that preserved these hills and fought for years against building homes on it.  At one time they wanted to build 500+ homes... all concrete "mansions". 
This was my view on Sunday.

This is Crescenta Valley, where I live.  I am surrounded by mountains. This view is from the Verdugos, looking north towards Mt. Lukens and the San Gabriels.  The upper desert (Lancaster, Palmdale, Victorville) is on the other side of those mountains.   The valley below makes a crescent.  The 210 freeway cuts through the middle going east and west (dang freeways).  Before the freeway, we would drive about 20 miles south to catch another freeway. (the "Golden State 5 fwy). We lived way out in the middle of nowhere.  You could see a bazillion stars at night, deer and other wildlife in your yard was common.  La Crescenta is now in the middle of it somewhere... only 15 miles from downtown LA, and a quick ride on the freeway.   But in these mountains, I am 100 miles away in the middle of nowhere.