Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retirement ?

I'm in Arizona at my parents' house

which is in a 55+ community.  All houses are single story, everyone has gravel and cactus instead of lawn, there are very few AZ license plates as most residents are "snow birds" from the midwest.  My parents, who live in Southern California, think that they are still in Chicago and need to go to AZ in the winter....  but they love it.   My mom had foot surgery last week

so I came out for 10 days to help out.  She doesn't need my help, but I'm enjoying my long visit.  This is the most time I've spent with my parents since I moved out 30 years ago.   So, what do retired people do?  First, we forget what day of the week it is, we eat dinner at 4PM, we go to all you can eat buffets and then Costco for dessert

when at home, my mom crochets, appliques, or plays her keyboard piano

my dad takes the dog for walks... these walk consist of a RIDE in the golf cart where the dog either sits next to him or jogs, briefly along side.    He tends to his rocks.  They rake the rocks, vacuum the rocks, and sift the rocks.

what do I do?  I do applique with my mom, play on my computer, chat about where we are going to eat, and take the dog for real walks   (today the dog is ignoring me, I think she is done with the walk stuff)

It's quiet here, no kids, very few cars - mostly golf carts and bikes, garages are left open all day without fear of something being stolen, and everyone waves when you walk past.

The birds don't even run and hide

We went to my mom's foot doctor appt yesterday for a follow up and her foot is healing well.   It's nice being able to spend this time with my parents... I am very thankful for them both


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