Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kids and Sewing

I'm starting my third year of teaching "teens" sewing.  For free at a local quilt shop who generously donates the space. I do this through our local ASG Chapter.   I really REALLY like it.  It is so inspiring to see these teens (ages 8-17) sew and like it.  That's the age I started sewing and even though I haven't sewn consistently since I was 8, it has always been my "go-to" hobby.

The last two years I planned projects we could start and finish during our 3 hours.  The problem with that I found is that we were all feeling rushed and not getting great quality sewing done and the teens were not learning important techniques.  So this year, I made a plan, for the entire year.  Here's the plan ASGLA Website
I talked to my teens and they liked this idea. 

We met last Saturday, each teen brought a pattern and fabric of their choice. There were 15 teens and 5 mothers (I don't mind at all when a parent or family member joins in, they learn some sewing, and can give their teen important one on one assistance!  I promised a sewing related gift to any teen who brought their completed item to our next meeting ... I hope that motivates them to do their homework.  Some of them brought patterns for American Girl doll clothes, purses, pj's, tunics, tops, and dresses.  It was a nice variety for them all to see.  I can't wait to see their creations at the next meeting.  I will post photos here too.   Share your talents with others.  Sewing is a life skill, and hobbies help keep them out of trouble!

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