Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Applique and Sashiko

I'm back from 9 days at my parents' AZ home.  I had a wonderful time...  I wonder if I retired, if I'd enjoy the free time as much?? 

Anyway, while I was there, I worked on an applique and sashiko project.  I took more projects in my suitcase than clothes!  I took supplies to make sock monkeys (love those things), a quilt kit for a great niece due in April, some crochet books for my mom, and my applique and sashiko project.  I almost dragged my sewing machine along, but realized that was over kill! 

My mom and I worked on our applique projects.  We are working on similar projects and we both got a lot completed.  My mom worked on the butterfly panel.

and I worked on the plumeria panel

both are Sylvia Pippen designs and the kits are available here  http://www.sylvia-pippen.com/   The indigo in her current kits is not as nice as in her previous kits.  In fact, it is not indigo but a moddled blue/white cotton.  If you order a kit from her, ask for the real indigo back, otherwise I would not recommend these kits. 
The plumeria flowers that I did are all double layered so that they are 2 toned.  The butterflies use marbled fabric which is so pretty.  The above photos are not from our actual projects but from Sylvia's website.  When panels are complete, I'll post a photo.  I think I have 1 more flower to do and the sashiko stitch.

My favorite method of applique is as follows:

I like the hand dyed fabrics and all the colors.  I think I'm going to make a wall quilt with the panels and maybe had some sashiko crests for the border

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