Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finished projects

Here's the red dress that I blogged about yesterday...  with and without the "modesty" insert.  ...(I think I need new shoes for this dress.  I only have summer sandals, and I think this dress requires "real" shoes... in black.)
When this picture was taken, I hadn't hemmed it yet, (just pinned), but it's done and ready to makes it debut.

This tee will be my favorite.. I already have 2 more knits set aside to make this top again.  McCalls 6399... I love the tucks and the neckline.
The neckline is faced, but I bound it instead.  The binding makes for a more casual look; I may use the facing next time.

I forgot I made this Cynthia Rowley skirt with some leftover fabric. The first time I made this skirt I felt like an apple. The bottom circumference is much narrower than the waist, and the waist is really gathered.  I didn't taper it to the hem this time, and like the look much better.   The waistband is cute

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sewing..... and more

What is/was on my cutting table:   Vogue 8561 which is a great skirt although I find the pattern pieces do not match up very well.  But it's easy enough to adjust and fix.  Some of the pieces are on the bias, and their  theory is, after they are cut, and the bias is ironed out,  you re-cut to correct size.  Correct size is the question since there is no correct size pattern piece, I just wing it, and recut so it lines up correctly with the corresponding pattern piece.  It does work as I have made this skirt 3 times and love it.  I needed another one for fall in a larger :( size.  This skirt is all done, I just need to hem it (which is another uneven mess due to the pattern pieces not being correct).  The hemming on this skirt definitely needs the ruler from the floor technique.

Also on the cutting table is Vogue 1255 which I've looked at a few times and all the pattern pieces seem overwhelming... all that ruching... so it will be last on my list.  I have it cut out with a nice sheer black cotton.  I think it will be cute for fall.

Then there is McCalls 6433 using a nice red double knit.  This is done except for the hem... and I wish I would have just checked the neckline on this as it is really REALLY low... so I needed to make a small panel to insert (or maybe attached to my bra like those things on the infomercials.  It would have been such an easy fix if I would have taken the 30 seconds or less to check the neckline before cutting... I will never not check the neckline again.  It's a cute dress, came out really nice, but would have been so much cuter if I didn't have that stupid panel there.  

And finally there is McCalls 6399 which is definitely a winner.  I'm wearing it today and was hoping to get you a photo before work, but husband was out talking to a neighbor and I didn't want to yell "hey, can you take my picture before I go to work"....  I love the tucks on this top.

The rest of my weekend was busy... 2 concerts and a trip to Disneyland with friends that swing dance.  Every saturday night at Disneyland in the Carnation Plaza they have a swing band.  I'm convinced... I need swing dancing lessons ... it looks like so much fun!  The concerts we saw were The Doobie Brothers (Thursday), Tower of Power, and Average White Band (Friday).  I told my husband, 3 dates in one week and asked if that was enough for the year so I can get back to my sewing cave.  All 3 were great and it was a fun weekend!

I joined Goldstar and have gotten really good prices on concerts and other events. (I will never pay full price again).   You need to go to Will Calll to get your tickets on the day of the event.  You will not know your seat location until you arrive.  I have been to about 6 concerts the past year with tickets from Goldstar and have not been disappointed.  You'll know the seat section, but not the actual seat locations.   If you are not a member (it's free to join) you should sign up.  You'll receive emails for discounted events (plays, concerts, sports, amusement parks, etc.).  Their pricing is usually 1/2 off the regular price and generally go up for sale a week or two before the event.  We were in the second row for Tower of Power....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

yea, yea, yea... I know, time to post

I don't feel like I've done any real sewing this summer, but when I glance through my photos, there are a few things I've made:
Shirt for my dad, sewing apron, dresses, skirts, and a tee.  Most everything has been reviewed on Pattern Review and the links to the detailed reviews are over to your right on this page.

I've also taken several sewing related classes this summer both at the ASG Conference which was held this year in Los Angeles and at the Long Beach Quilt Festival. I learned couture sewing techniques with Susan Khalje; how to make a signature chop (still need to finish that), wonderful techniques with Marla Kazell; fabric dying with Pokey Bolton and Diane Ricks; and many more. I've even purchased a few kits that I really need to get going on.  I've taken the teen sewing group to The Getty where we had a private tour of some of their costumes and craft exhibits; sewn pillowcases with the Girl Scouts who are working towards their Silver Award, and made skirts with the ASG Teen Neighborhood Group.

I've done some quick trips to Portland to visit family and friends, spent time locally with family, and even managed to go to Disneyland....
All in all, it's been a great summer...  I'm ready for Fall, sewing, working in the yard, and spending more time with family and friends!  And yes, blogging....