Thursday, December 13, 2012

2013 The Year of the Wedding Dress

Yikes, it's been so long since I've posted anything, that I forgot where my blog was...  then I forgot my user name and password...  but I found it and I'm back.

In 2013 I'll be making a wedding dress for my niece!  I am so excited AND I'm taking the Susan Khalje's Couture Sewing Class in San Francisco next month! Yes, I will blog about that too!  I felt that I needed the class as a starting point with this dress as I never made one.. only helped make one. And I want the dress to be perfect!

I do not think anyone in my family reads my blog, so I figured it's safe to post my progress without giving away the dress!  If, someone in the family does read this blog, I'm sure I'll find out.

She wants a strapless dress so I'm starting with Butterick 5325 .  I have transferred the pattern to muslin and marked all the stitching lines with tracing paper and stitching.  I basted the dress together and it's ready for its first fitting which will happen over Christmas week. 

I have also made another muslin of the bodice which will be where the boning is attached. Susan said that any strapless gown needs 2 muslins and this inner one needs to fit tight.    I am now gathering my supplies and looking for fabric. The bride wants an organza for the outer layer and Susan suggested a taffeta for the main fabric and either a crepe or a charmouse for the lining.  She also suggested a cotton for the underlining.  The bride isn't sure if she wants an empire or natural waist, so I have done both in the muslin for her to try.

I have 6 months to make this dress....and hope to make more!  Afterall, I have about 20+ nieces!