Friday, January 14, 2011

Quilted Photography

Several years ago I took a quilt class from Tammie Bowser who does quilted photography.  It was just my kind of quilting: fast, easy, all machine, and unique.  Tammie is offering a free online quilt class that gives you an informative easy tutorial on how to do these quilts  

I'm in the mood to make another quilt.  I have the book, but for those of that don't, it is free to download for those taking the online class.  About the only other thing you'll need is fusible tricot, a printer, computer, and a photo.  You could easily create one of these in a weekend.  Here's a photo of the one I did.

It is my mom's junior class photo. I think I made it for her for Mother's Day one year.  This quilt consists of 1.5" squares sorted by  value and placed on a numbered grid according to their value.  I easily made this from start to finish in a weekend.  Watch the video and see how easy it is!  My quilt is about 24x30.

The website is

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  1. Tried to leave you a comment yesterday but got distracted and didn't do the word careful of the retirement lifestyle, you might not want to go back to work. Interesting quilt, looks like it takes some real patience to get it right, nice job.