Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vogue 1194

Here's a dress I cut out a few weeks back and has been sitting on my table.   I kept thinking, ah, I don't have time to make a dress!  Then I thought, heck, I can make a tee in less than two hours, and a knit dress is just a long tee... so I threaded my machine at 6:15pm last night and this dress was done by 8:45 pm.   This is the second time making this dress and subsequent versions of patterns always go fast, but it was still pretty easy.

it's difficult to see the seams/lines in a print, so here's the line drawing

The first version was made with a black rayon knit and this version is made with an ITY.  The first version, I omitted the elastic which is inside the front twisted band, in this version I inserted it.  ITY tends to be a bit more stretchy than the rayon knit, and didn't want the twist to droop.
The hems on both the sleeve and dress are 2" and done with a twin needle.  I've been too lazy to drag out my coverstitch.  I need to find a place to have the coverstitch set up and ready or get rid of it.  I had to raise the neckline 4" as it is very VERY low.  I considered leaving it and wearing a cami underneath, but decided I didn't want to be committed to an extra layer.  I think 2 of these dresses is enough and it's time to put this pattern away.

I like prints and am constantly buying printed fabric, but don't like wearing them.  But I have some more printed ITY knits in my stash, so I think I'll be making a few more. 

I purchased this pattern this weekend at the Joann's $1 sale and am considering making version A (the red dress) with one of my border print knits and having the border be around the neck (maybe) and at the waist.  This pattern is not for knits, but I think I can still make it with a knit. 

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