Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's in the Sewing Que?

I cut out a couple of things the other day and have these on my sewing table ready to sew:
Vogue 8691, view D.  I made this a few months back and have worn it to death.  I love it with boots and skinny jeans.  It's ready to sew up in a black rayon knit. A few of the reviewers of this top do not like the hem or the fact that it is longer in the back, but that's the part I really like.

 Vogue 1195.  I also made this a few months back and love the way it fits, and I can't have enough knit dresses.  The last time I made it was with a solid black knit, this time it will be a paisley print in greens and browns.  

Vogue 8636.  I also made this and not sure if I've ever worn it.  Um... wonder where it is.  that's a problem with sewing so much, sometimes I can't keep track of my stuff.  anyway, I have about 1 yard of a plum ribbed knit and this pattern takes just about that much.  And I like raglan sleeves, they seem to look better on my narrow shoulders.  Not sure if I will do the buttons, but it's a possibility.

I'm hoping to have these done this weekend as I'm leaving Sunday for a week with my mom and dad in AZ.  My mom is having foot surgery, so I offered to go and help out.  I actually think this will be the most time I've spent with my parents since I moved out 30 years ago! 

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