Sunday, March 6, 2011

My stars are too big

 I think I need a smaller print of stars.  So, tomorrow, I'll hit up another quilt shop to see if I can get fabric with a smaller print.  But it's coming together nicely. I like that it's a waving flag and not just a "flat" flag.
I haven't sewn the blue section down yet because I'm hoping to find something more proportionally correct.  The stripes are done and here's how that process went
I used steam a seam light on the wrong side.  I traced each stripe from my master outline using the light box, and cut out each stripe and ironed it down.
I put the top and bottom stripes on first and then balanced the middle ones
The stripes were trimmed and sewn down using the monofiliment thread in the top, regular thread in the bottom and a very narrow buttonhole stitch. 

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