Monday, March 21, 2011

Break time

Sometimes I need a break and a t-shirt or 2 is always good for that.  They are generally quick and easy.
This weekend was hectic and I was just too tired to think about my flag quilt.  I need to work on that when I'm not tired because mistakes happen when I'm tired.

I have a (diminishing) pile of fabric on the floor of my sewing room -- my recent purchases from my trip downtown.  I am deliberately leaving it on the floor to stare at me so I sew it up.  I'm afraid if I put it away it may be forgotten.  Sunday morning I pulled out 2 of the stripes I bought at Michael Levine's, washed and dried them, and cut out Vogue 8710.
These are Katherine Tilton patterns, and like her sister, Marcy, they are full of tricks and tips.  I love that they can take a simple t-shirt and add interesting techniques.  These patterns with their side inserts work great with striped fabrics.  I would love to try the silk screening techniques shown in their photo and described in the pattern instructions.  The pattern was roomier than most.  I sewed up a medium, but probably could have gotten away with a small.  Also, I added 6" to the long sleeve version and love it that way, it will be a nice tunic with skinny jeans.  My knit is very thin, so I'm glad these are roomy.  Nothing worse than a tight thin t-shirt if your stomach and waist isn't wasp thin!
the left side is view A, the short pleated sleeve version.  the sleeves have that 80's feel... I think I wore something like these (albeit much much bigger) as a brides maid)  the right side is the longer sleeve with the side inserts.  I sewed these two up in about 2 hours

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