Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where'd I go?   I'm in Arizona at my parents.  You know the drill, walking the dog, eating, shopping, Costco, walking the dog, Home Town Buffet, repeat.   I head home tomorrow.  I drove this time.  Well, I didn't drive much, my nephew drove most of the way and he did a great job.  He drove my sister and I here... can you imagine, it was like Driving Miss Daisies.... he was getting "instructions" from two of us.  poor kid!

This weekend my sister in law had her retirment ceremony and was given the flag wall hanging I made.  My brother in law gave it to her and I understand she loved it.   I'm glad it's done; enjoyed working on it and putting it together; and now need to start on my great niece #2 baby quilt.  She's due April 22nd, so I guess I better hurry up.  I'm hoping to be home early enough tomorrow so I can get it cut out.  I'll work on the quilt in between my clothing projects.

Here's the finished flag - front and back.
I should have gotten a better picture, this one is crooked, but my camera is broken, it turns off after about 2 seconds, so my pictures have been sort of hurried. I thought is was the battery, so bought a new one, but that didn't fix it.   I'm sending it in to Canon, and will be without one for a few weeks....  so postings may be few.

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