Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekender Sunshine Top

This is one of my most favorite patterns: the neckline, the gathers, the drape - makes a beautiful top. I always feel that this wide neckband needs embellishment.  In the past, I've painted it or used a different fabric.  This version I used hot fix (plastic) studs/beads.  These were pocket designs I got in downtown LA in a package of about 40 for $4 for the entire package. 

These "studs" are on tacky clear paper, which I cut out to the shapes I needed, placed on the neckband, covered with a press cloth, and put a hot iron on top to melt the glue.  The heat of the iron melts the glue on the bottom side of the stud and they adhere to the garment.

I did the back band first; and noticed that the weight of the studs and the constant ironing stretched the neckband a bit.  But I continued on to the front, and then washed and dryed the top and the neckband shrunk back into place.

I purposely left some empty spots on the front because I thought I liked it better that way; but, looking at this photo, I'm thinking I should fill in the spots.  But think I'll wear it first and see. 

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  1. Great use for one of the crazy notions we find at FIDM -- it really dresses up that knit top.