Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teen Neighborhood Group

Sunday was the ASG Teen Neighborhood Group sewing day and we did aprons.  The technique of the month was hems, so I thought doing an apron with lots of hems would be good.  It was, and the teens were pretty tired of doing hems by the end of the meeting. The sides of the apron and ties were 1/4" hems, and the bottom was a 1" hand sewn hem.  There's a total of about 15 girls, and usually about 6-10 show up at a time.  The group on Sunday was some of the hardcore sew'rs.  Ah, I love to see them create!
We hold our meetings in a local quilt shop that generously donates the space.  Next year, I'm thinking of starting a second group for the girls that have been with me for two years and doing some more advance techniques. 

My camera is fixed, but my battery and memory card is still at my sister's.  As soon as I get it back, I'll be back to posting photos of current projects.

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