Monday, April 25, 2011

New Look 6621

A few weeks ago when I was in Arizona visiting my parents, my sister and I took my mom shopping.  She recently lost some weight and needed to update her wardrobe.  While we were shopping, I noticed several blouses that had knit in the back.  I love white shirts, but I love the comfort of tees... so I thought, hey, why not a blouse with a knit back! 

So, I pulled one of my favorite blouses... New Look 6621
then dug through my stash for some white fabric and knit.  I found some dotted swiss leftover from a blouse a few years back, and some white knit that I recently purchases from FIDM.  I used the knit for the back.  I doubled, folding it on the cross-grain and using the fold as the hem.
pinning it on the CB seam so it made a sort of hinge so after I cut out the first side, I could flip the pattern over and cut out the second side.
I pinned in the dart.

I also used knit for the sleeve band

and used some vintage glass buttons

I also adjusted the front band so that it doesn't curve open at the bottom.  I just kept the curve along the blouse front, and straigthened out the center front
I think I liked the curved band better.  But the blouse turned out nice... comfortable too!

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  1. I love the idea of using a knit band. I bet it makes the top very comfortable.