Friday, February 10, 2012

One Down, Four to Go

The closet in my guest room is done.  I really like the work that The Container Store did and I think I'm going to like the product.  The shelves seem really sturdy.  I have 4 spare sewing machines on the shelves, and one of them is a Pfaff 130 which weighs a ton.  The installers assured me that the shelves can handle the weight.  Everything is off the floors!  I can see everything and there is nothing piled behind something else.  Those are all my jackets and sweaters.  I love to make jackets... ah I wish I knew someone my size I could share my jackets with....  they seem so lonely
This is a photo of the closet area before, after install, and done.  I just need to get closet doors... but it's so much more organized!

I left work early yesterday to meet the installers and was home when it was still light out!  About 4PM the crows started gathering... you can hear them calling and I watched them gather in a local sycamore tree.  Crows live a long time and mate for life.  But they are nest raiders... so not sure how I feel about them.

Then just before dark, the hummingbirds started filling up on the nectar I leave out for them in my 8 feeders.  Hummingbirds hibernate at night, so they need to get their fill before they sleep for the night to stay warm.  I got some good photos of the birds last night.  The guy in the lower right was staring right at me.

I have four more closets to do, but probably won't do them for a while.  Four closets, yep, that's it... I have no closet space in my house, so it's about time I get them organized and maximize their potential! 

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