Friday, February 18, 2011

Presidents' Weekend, Cutting, and AZ

I forgot the cable that connects my camera to the computer - it's sitting on my desk at work.   So, can't take and post photos of my new Vogue jacket that I love... but I can tell you wants next on the cutting table.  First is Vogue 1225 with a cranberry red rayon knit.

next is another Vogue 8676 using a double faced wool that is copperish in color that I got from Fabric Mart.  I think I will use both sides.

and finally a Christine Jonson skirt from Travel Trio 3.  I've made this skirt from a black knit and it's so easy and comfortable - I definitely need another one!
using a peacock blue ponte knit
It's a lot of color for me, but I'm hoping by the time Spring comes around, I'll want color.
This weekend I'm heading back to AZ to spent the long weekend with my mom and dad.  So, after I get these cut out and a good night's rest, I'll be Phoenix bound.... maybe some of the cactus will be blooming... maybe I'll catch some beautiful sunsets.


  1. Walk toward the color, it will welcome you.....

  2. Walk toward the color, it will welcome you...