Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I'm back from Arizona.  This time was a little more exciting as my mom wasn't recuperating from foot surgery.  First place we went was to the swap meet.  There's a southwestern jewelry vendor there that I like to check out
soon after we were there, it got really windy and the dust was blowing.   We got home and it started to rain; then the sun came out briefly while it was still raining
The next day, Katie and I went for a walk
the cactus wasn't blooming, but there were some nice colors
I read somewhere the when cactus is stressed, due to cold, too much water, or not enough water, it becomes more colorful.  Something else I notice on the walks is that people paint their driveways

Before we finished our walk, I turned around and noticed the sun just starting to set

It was a nice trip and visit.  I'll be back in early April, the cactus should be blooming by then

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