Monday, February 14, 2011

Cracker Jacks

Peanuts and a prize... that's what you get in Cracker Jacks....  and the inside of your garments when you sew them!  Ok, maybe not peanuts, but you can always have a surprise in your garments. 
I'm finishing up my Vogue 8346 Coat... and I love it.   The black wool is so nice and the lining, a wonderful pucci style silk that I bought a few years back at an ASG Conference that is now the surprise in my coat.

The hem is unfinished in this photo.  I've finished the hem, and just need to add the buttons.  It is double breasted and the silk lining is so much fun.  I didn't have enough for the sleeves, so I used a hot pink silk for the sleeves which I also used as a piping along the edge. 

here's a close up of the lapel which is a separate piece, as is the collar.  I thought that was an interesting way for a lapel.

the silk is also used in the inseam pockets.   I needed a new peacoat and I'm thrilled this turned out so nice!  Can't wait until it's cool enough outside to wear a coat.

I also used the silk remnants in the pockets of my latest jeans.

I didn't have enough for the waistband, and I didn't think it was stable enough for a waistband, so I used some of my project runway themed cotton. 
 I will post photos of the completed jeans and coat later this week. 

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