Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mother of the Bride

I offered to make the mother-of-the-bride dress for my niece's upcoming wedding.

I saw this dress in the current Marfy catalog and loved it and thought it would look great on my sister-in-law.  I told her if she didn't like it for herself, then I was making it for me, but she had first choice.

She needs to look spectacular without outdoing or clashing with the bride.  She will also be the one that walks her down the aisle.  I don't think my sister in law really likes to dress up... she's a more free-spirited casual kind of lady... but, I do think this is THE dress for her.  She's thin and about 5'4", has nice arms, and has long brown hair that can easily be swept up. I like the thin silhouette to go with a wedding gown.

I received the pattern yesterday and will make up the muslin in the next week or so.  I think a nice silk, with organza underlining and china silk lining will feel and look great!  I can't wait to see them walk down the aisle! 

I also have on my sewing list the flower girl dress.  I'm going to use the same fabric I used for the wedding gown.  I like this Vogue Pattern for the flower girl dress

The flower girl will be 2 1/2 years old in June and needs a dress that twirls! 

Now all I need is some sewing time and oh, my dress!

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  1. Can't wait to see that Marfy pattern made up.