Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vogue 8848

This was a fun dress to make, especially using ponte/double knit.   I love the ponte at Fabric Mart and they seem to always have it in stock.  The ponte makes great dresses or pants, has minimal shrinkage, requires no ironing, and travels nicely.  I wash and dry the fabric when I receive it, but after that, wash and line dry only. 

Vogue 8848 was made for a woven fabric, but was also perfect for the knit as long as it is stable like a double knit.  I still kept the zip because the neck opening was a bit small.  I also changed out the sleeves.  The pattern has those half/high sleeves which don't look really good on me.  I just used another sleeve from another Vogue pattern and layed it out over the V8848 pattern so as to keep the same size sleeve cap and just copied the lines from the different pattern to extend it longer. 

As I said in my previous post, I initially made it using black and white, but wasn't paying attention to the "color block rules" and the darker should have been on the sides.

While I was in Dallas, I went to Neiman Marcus to check out the designer dresses. Can you believe I have never been in a Neiman Marcus!  That store had lots of inspiration!  There was a lot of color blocking going on!  Here is one of the dresses I saw and want to copy.  There's another dress I liked, but I cannot find a photo of it online and I can't transfer it off of my phone.  And I didn't get the designer's name... dang.

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