Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mother of the Bride and Flower Girl Progress

I have completed and fitted the muslin for the mother of the bride.

 A few comments: Marfy patterns are beautifully drafted. The pattern came in a folded piece of paper with a label, no instructions,  and no seam allowances.  The pattern has alphabetical match points and a few other notations, but that's it. 

First I made my muslin:
laying the pattern on the muslin fabric, and then with waxed tracing paper traced all the stitch lines, grain lines, notches, darts, pleats, center front, center back. 

With a permanent marker I marked each piece, top, bottom, arrows, the alphabetical match points, what piece it was, who it is for, and size.

I thread traced each seam, grain line, and dart.

My seam allowance was about 2" because I wasn't sure how close the size I got would match up to my sister in law. 

then I based all seams together, matching all the alphabetical points, guessing here and there, and it all worked out.   Every seam and point matched up perfectly and it came together nicely.

It will look much better in a softer fabric.  I let out the side and back seams a bit, she tried it on, and it fit pretty good. I had to put in a few dead darts where there was extra fabric in the bodice. I took it apart, made my dead darts, trued up the seams and the grain lines, and it's ready for the fashion fabric. We will be meeting on saturday at International Silks and Woolens to look for fabric.

 When making your muslin, be sure to extend your grain lines to the seam edge.   That way, if you make changes and have to true up the lines, it's easier and more accurate with the longer grain line. 

Next on the to-do list is the flower girl dress.  I chose this Vogue pattern because I like the little cap sleeves
The dress will be knee length since she's only 2 and I think it will look better being shorter (a two year old needs a twirly dress!)  I will be using the same fabric as the wedding gown.

Since kid pattern sizing runs large, I made a muslin of the bodice which I will fit this weekend.
I made it the same as the others except I didn't tread trace the seams and I used a little wider 3/8" instead of 1/4" elastic in the sleeves because that is what I had.  But I will use narrower in the final dress. 

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. With so many mother of the bride outfits to choose from it is extremely difficult to pick the perfect outfit. The outfits you have picked are great and I am sure that you spent hours finding them.