Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jasmine and Slips

Early last summer I went to a fabric sale in downtown Los Angeles where they had these incredible silks for 75% off the SALE price!   I scooped up lots and lots of silk yardage.  On the way back from the sale I stopped at a trendy fabric shop Sew LA which had recently moved to Atwater Village, a neighborhood that has recently undergone gentrification.  Sew LA has a lot of sewing classes mostly focused towards the hipster crowd, has a few patterns from independent companies,  and mostly cotton fabrics (Echino).  They carry Decades of Style  patterns as well as Collette Patterns and I picked up Jasmine a cute blouse from Collette Patterns. 

One of the pieces of silk fabrics had an interesting border and design and I thought it would make a nice blouse using the Jasmine pattern.
The top is cut on the bias and is very flattering.  I used different parts of the fabric for the collar and sleeves.  I've worn this blouse quite a bit since I made it usually with a lime green cropped sweater. 

Tomorrow I head off to Dallas to teach a couple of classes.  One of the classes is on how to make a half slip. I don't know about you, but I can never find a slip that is the right length and the right size that doesn't ride up.  Slips are so easy to make.  I put together a tutorial, purchased some tricot, lace, and elastic for the class and made about a dozen slips using different techniques and styles. I "tested" my class this past weekend with the local ASG group and the ladies loved it.  It went really smoothly and they made two (a black and a white) slip.  If you are in the Dallas area Sunday, come take my class!
I am also happy to send you a PDF of my tutorial.  Just email me

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