Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's on the cutting table

I finished up my last pile of items (well, except for the quilt for my grand niece - still needs the borders quilted ... and the top I tossed out before even sewing).   Why did I toss it out?  Well, because I was lazy and trying to cut corners (no pun intended) and cut out silk chiffon without using tissue paper to stabalize the fabric and it ended up all wonky!  I matched up the first seams (the shoulders) and there was about a 6" difference.  I put the pattern piece on top of the fabric, and the entire piece was a mess and out of whack.... why bother, into the trash it went.  Lesson learned, well, at least for now always use tissue paper when cutting out chiffon.

I cut out the next round of projects:
using some nice white eyelet I cut out Simplicity 2690 View C, (below) but without the modesty panel.  The fabric is sheer and requires a cami any way, so no need for a modesty panel.  I saw a similar top on my sister's friends this past weekend and really liked the look using eyelet.  Dug in my stash and out some eyelet and a pattern.

Next up on the cutting table was a half slip, using some lavender tricot and some nice wide stretch lace for the hem.  I recently picked up some really nice stretch lace in pretty colors at FIDM for cheap!  The pattern is an old Stretch and Sew.  I desperately need some half slips, and plan on making at least a 1/2 dozen or so in a variety of colors and all trimmed in these laces.... ooooo

Next was another Vogue 1224 (above) using a black and white ITY knit.  Made this 2x before, and like it... easy to wear and easy to make.

Then, and this is my favorite, and can't wait to make is  Vogue 1247 both the skirt in a nice blue textured Japanese cotton with tiny flowers. (I had to add 8" to this skirt's length.  I want it just above the knee, not just below my bum.)  And the top using a very light weight white linen. 

Items still on the cutting table are some nice double sided lightweight wool to make J. Sterns new trousers.  And I may cut out a few more half slips. 
These should keep me busy for a week or so.

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