Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer's Here... Summer's Here....

Happy First Day of Summer....  

now go play in the sprinklers and have some fun!

I'm slowly sewing up the items I cut out last week.  Sewed up the slip in nothing flat, wished I would have had some black lingerie elastic for the waist instead of the white I used, but no one will see it regardless of what color I used. I like the lace I picked up for a few bucks... it really makes it "pretty".

I also finished Vogue 1427.  I lengthened the skirt 8".  I think the top is cute with jeans, and the skirt is cute with a fitted tee.  I'm not too thrilled with them together as an outfit.

I think the top would be much better in a rayon knit.  The lightweight linen is nice, but eh...  but like most things that I sew up and am on the fence about, I will wear it a few times, and maybe I will eventually like it. 

Here's a photo of me with my mom and dad and their dog/kid Katie.  My mom lost over 30 pounds the past year and wanted me to take a "new" photo so she could show off her skinny-ness!  I love visiting my parents, my mom cooks the best food and it's always relaxing to hang out with them. They are in California for the summer, in the mountain house. So it's an easy drive of about 80 miles one way compared to the 450 miles one way to AZ in the winter.

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