Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chicago Fabric

Yes, I bought fabric... a total of 37 yards, no wait, 41 yards because I ended up buying some on the Sunday when we went to Fishmans to meet Lt. Gov Sheila Simon.....
I also bought some notions at Soutache Ribbons.  Soutache Ribbons They had beautiful ribbons, floral pins, zip pulls, and hardware.  Here's what I lugged home from Chicago (suitcase was 32 pounds going; 49.5 pounds returning):
and ribbons

The store had beautifully created floral pins and colored ribbon everywhere.

And my fabric purchases from Vogue (Evanston and Roosevelt locations); Chicago Fabric Yarn and Buttons, New Rainbow Fabrics, and Fishman Fabrics

And I'll end this post with a current picture of my new great niece, Tessa Lyn, who I got to finally meet yesterday!

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  1. Sue, you brought some nice stuff. I especially like the hardware you found. How exciting to have a new baby in the family. Congratulations.