Thursday, April 18, 2013

Youth Sewing IS Hip

Here's a nice blog entry of the January Teen Class I taught at Road to California.

This sunday my "regular" ASG - LA teens and I are meeting and we are going to make a t-shirt.  The girls have asked to do sleeves and knit.  I don't want to tell them that both can be difficult because I learned, what they don't know.. is better!  I'll take photos and post next week. This will be our first regular meeting this year as the previous have all been "camps" at various sewing and quilting events.  It will be nice to have the  smaller group of about 4-6 girls.  They are all so talented and fearless.  This year I'm going to concentrate on techniques and give them more instructions instead of just trying to get a project completed.  I want them to end this year with a good sewing base so sewing on their own will be easier.

I've also been working on my Sew Easy Knits  website.  It was transferred over to me and we ended up losing the content and pages, so I've been trying to rebuild it AND learn how to use Yahoo.  I think I got it "good enough for now", but really do want to revamp it a lot more. 

In July, I'll start working part time!  Yea!  I'm really excited because this means I will have more sewing and fun time!  It's a sort of semi-retirement before I actually do retire.  I'm thinking of expanding my teen sewing to weekly, but think I should take the summer and enjoy my half-time before I fill up my days.  And I got some cleaning and re-organizing to do.

My sewing goal this weekend is to finish the mother of the bride and flower girl dresses! 

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