Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still No Sew

I just can't seem to sit my butt down and sew.  I'm not feeling inspired.  Maybe it's the fact that I have so many clothes (mostly all made), and no room for any of it, that I just don't want any more clutter. I need to wear what I got.

Sunday, it was a beautiful day and I went for a hike. I have the Verdugo Hills 0.5 miles from my house.  They are actually about .01 miles from my house - just across the street - but there's a cemented in wash (was a river when I was a kid) that blocks my direct access.  I need to walk around a few blocks and cross over a bridge to get the the fire road.  When I am 0.5 miles up that fire road I feel like I'm 100 miles away.  I am so thankful for the people that preserved these hills and fought for years against building homes on it.  At one time they wanted to build 500+ homes... all concrete "mansions". 
This was my view on Sunday.

This is Crescenta Valley, where I live.  I am surrounded by mountains. This view is from the Verdugos, looking north towards Mt. Lukens and the San Gabriels.  The upper desert (Lancaster, Palmdale, Victorville) is on the other side of those mountains.   The valley below makes a crescent.  The 210 freeway cuts through the middle going east and west (dang freeways).  Before the freeway, we would drive about 20 miles south to catch another freeway. (the "Golden State 5 fwy). We lived way out in the middle of nowhere.  You could see a bazillion stars at night, deer and other wildlife in your yard was common.  La Crescenta is now in the middle of it somewhere... only 15 miles from downtown LA, and a quick ride on the freeway.   But in these mountains, I am 100 miles away in the middle of nowhere.

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