Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot Pattern Weekender Sunshine

I love the Weekender Sunshine Top by Hot Patterns and it seems that I'm always modifying it.
On my trip to Chicago earlier this year, I saw a really cute knit top in a ribbon store we visited.  I love how they pleated the neckline on the top. Here's a photo is took
Their version has ribbon (of course) added, but all those pleats going the same direction completely around the neckline.  I immeidiately thought of the Weekender Sunshine top as my starting pattern.

I took my pattern and sliced the neckline to add more fabric for pleating.  Since I didn't want the entire top/hem wider, I just slashed and spread partially down.
Here's a photo fo the original and modified front pattern piece. 
and here's a photo of the back pattern pieces.

and here's a close up of my completed neckline, inside back and outside front.  I cut the facing the same as original pattern, interfaced it, and after pleating, put the facing and top wrong sides together, pinned very carefully so that all pleats laid flat and sewed three rows.  I then trimmed the facing.  I didn't hem the neckline as it would be too much bulk.   I love the results! 
and here's the completed top, front and back. 

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  1. What a lovely blog you have here! I will be checking in for sewing inspiration.